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Snow Queen ~ Fantasy #4

Snowy fields 'neath heavy skies, a windswept storm, so quiet, cries ...

All still and dormant wait the trees, and watch as Snow Queen paints with ease

the landscape white, the water stiff, while creatures scurry out from drifts.

© 2012 Karen Beukema

Glade Elf ~ Fantasy #3

Creatures large and creatures small abide within the glade;

the stately trees that hedge the field look on, a tight brigade.

No foe may enter easily, no hunter without fight,

for tangled vines and matted wood stand guard to all in sight.

Thus, habitat and habitant, protected in this glade,

delight in happy fellowship and living unafraid.

They dance beneath the summer sun, arrayed with color bold,

until the winter hushes them with snow and bitter cold.

© 2011 Karen Beukema

Sea Nymph ~ Fantasy #2

By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea ....

Lives a young tender Nymph, very lonely, but free.

Skimming waves at her feet, sifting sand in her sieve,

she waits for the tide and the gifts it may give ....

Be it treasures quite small, or a soul lost at sea,

a glimpse of a whale, schools of fish as they flee.

By the moon's glow at night, shimm'ring waves at high noon,

she scans the horizon ~ may it bring a friend soon ....

© 2011 Karen Beukema

Blush ~ Fantasy #1

Of a blushing summer rose inscripted in a book of prose,

a fairy tale, a bed of dreams, a fantasy of silver streams,

of gossamer, a flowing skirt, a rare confection for dessert . . .

I think upon, this moment rare, a trilogy of sisters fair

who ponder life thru eyes so pure; a blush of innocence demure.

© 2011 Karen Beukema

Whisperer ~ Special Edition

(1st outfit created for Nelly after receiving her)

I hear a whispering, soft in my ear, a voice lilting gently but so crystal clear.

Lovely as night with the moon high above, and lovelier still like a soft cooing dove.

Is it a Dryad, a nymph of the Wood? Perhaps the sly Fae playing tricks, like they could?

I gather my berries, my ear to the breeze; perhaps the lone soul will get caught by a sneeze,

and then I can turn with an eye to behold this creature enchanted, with sing-song like Gold...

© 2011 Karen Beukema

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