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Wintergreen~ Fantasy #20

Old man Winter's settling in, foreboding presence, icy grin;

I'll not give in to much despair, but rather glean a bounty's share

of diamond crystals, silver gems, and nature's share of diadems.

White gossamer and powdered snow, in wintergreen, a dream aglow;

a Winter princess I may be, for icy days shan't bother me.

© 2010 Karen Beukema

(Designer Blend ~ Gown & Underskirt adapted from Adams-Harris "Notorious")

To Kiss a Frog ~ Fantasy #19

I've heard it read amid a tale that princes might be found wholesale . . .

Some courage gained to kiss a frog ~ as though it were a warm lapdog ~

might chance to bear a handsome prince with riches fair and breath of mints!

I think I'd rather stay my lot and risk being one who might 'have-not'

than suffer lips to meet cold slime and find 'twas just some silly rhyme!

© 2009 Karen Beukema

Fall Fae ~ Fantasy #18

In a glade far away in the middle of the night, keep a vigilant watch for a little flitt'ring sprite.

In the Fall, when the leaves of the trees have turned to gold, look for signs of the Fae, as old legends have foretold.

Wearing bits of the earth, as they whirl about so fast, they give spark like rare gems of a treasure chest, amassed.

With a bent for display, 'round a blazing, brilliant fire, they give thanks in a dance for the harvest to transpire.

© 2009 Karen Beukema

Golden Sky ~ Fantasy #17

When the pale of the sky in the afternoon, meets the gold gilded clouds of a summer moon,

I shall drift by the sea where the marsh is green, and relinquish my cares as I bathe and preen.

Sad to see Summer soon draw its last warm breath, when the sky turns to gray and the leaves meet death.

In my heart I will see past the crystal sea, to the months of the Spring, always kind to me,

when the green of new grass 'neath a golden sky, once again waves its arms as I saunter by.

© 2009 Karen Beukema

Purple Moon ~ Fantasy #16

Eerie lies the moonlit sea as lapping waves call out to me.

I hear the whisper of the night and stand entranced in twinkling light.

A purple moon has come to gaze, its face behind a cloud of haze,

to watch the world in darkness sleep and slowly thru the heavens creep.

Gazing back I feel a calm, the moon my soothing evening balm;

the magic of the tranquil air, bequeaths me rest ~ back to my lair...

© 2009 Karen Beukema

Spring Beauty ~ Fantasy #15

Alas, fairest maiden, pray whence did you come? From yonder clear springs or the foothills' freedom?

To gather the flowers? To lie in the sun? To watch the grass grow or the soaring birds' fun?

'Tis beauty I see from afar and so near, for in you a treasure of Spring I see, dear.

Come near to me maiden, do not fear my horn, I'll carry you 'round, be your 'pet' Unicorn!

Together we'll roam far away, close to home, exploring the land 'neath the sun's warming dome.

Ah, April, the season of life and new growth ~ when Maker reveals, once again, promised troth...

© 2009 Karen Beukema

Harvest Fairy ~ Fantasy #14

Make haste to bring the harvests in and gather all remaining kin.

The north winds and November skies will soon bring plant life to demise.

Bring kindling wood and spices apt; we'll warm the hearth with fragrance rapt.

Give thanks to God for larders filled, the bounty of the ground we've tilled.

© 2008 Karen Beukema

Autumn Nymph ~ Fantasy #13

O spirit of thine Autumn Faire prepare thyself to render bare

which trees ablaze whose leaves must die as winter winds do draweth nigh.

Sad glory that such wondrous art dost fall to earth, decay, depart;

yet to the worms and soil beneath a feast of food and warmth bequeath.

© 2008 Karen Beukema

Summer Nymph~ Fantasy #12

In the summer of my fondest dreams, lives a memory of magic streams.

Next to which a field of daisies teem, into which I laid to plan a scheme...

With the song of nymphs and lovers' prose, luring melodies I did compose,

meant to snare a future manly beau, like an artist's painting in fresco.

In the distance such a man appeared, bronze-ly tanned, without a trace of beard,

with my charm he surely was besmeared, and has since become my most endeared!

© 2008 Karen Beukema

 Meadow Muse ~ Fantasy #11

In the twilight of a meadow on a summer's eve

lies a magic world beyond whate're we may perceive.

In the waving grasses live a fae menagerie ~

festive sprites, awake at night, all bounding saliently.

Gifts of melody and rhyme, in homage to their Muse,

ride upon the swirling breeze, though in our ears a ruse.

Long into the starlit night, with glowing moon serene,

they will dance in twinkling mirth, an ever playful mien.

© 2008 Karen Beukema

Royal Visage ~Fantasy #10

Black steed of mine, make haste this night, for I must steal away in flight.

The tide is come, make haste I say, and lead me past the filling bay!

My kingdom pines away, alas ~ as foreign sails regroup en masse.

My king must find me safe from doom, within the gates, as war doth loom!

© 2008 Karen Beukema

Spring Nymph ~Fantasy #9

My feathered friends, do sing with me, for Spring has come to dress the trees.

The fields are peppered full, abloom, adorned in brilliant hued costume.

The brooks are running clear and free, and babble gaily endlessly.

Let's join the sun with festive mirth to welcome this new joyous birth.

© 2008 Karen Beukema

Winter Moon Fairy ~Fantasy #8

Winter Moon, come cast thy beam; soft upon the village gleam.

Bide thy time, all thru this night, guarding souls from evil plight.

Chase the shadows from the trees, as they dance amid the breeze.

Greet the dawn, with nigh a yawn; the sun has come, all visions gone.

© 2008 Karen Beukema

Venus de Chocolate ~ Fantasy #7

Bring me no flowers, no sweet sentiment; spare me the cookware or humble raiment.

Rather, indulge me, with gifts of pure bliss ~ savory wine and a sweet tender kiss.

Bathe me in chocolate, caress me with care; tuck a bright diamond in locks of my hair.

Make me a princess, your goddess of love; capture my heart as a messenger dove.

© 2008 Karen Beukema

Winter Nymph ~ Fantasy #6

Cold and eerie, lay the meadows, 'neath a snowy blanket deep.

Nature sounds lie muffled, quiet, as most creatures rest and sleep.

Watch, fair maiden, o'er thy kingdom, keep thine eye with diligence.

Wait for spring to free the buried, when shall come thy promised Prince...

© 2008 Karen Beukema

Gossamer Dreams ~ Fantasy #5

Whisper soft upon the wind, with beating wings of beauty fair.

Speak to me, do not rescind, of Love's redemption, hear my prayer.

Captivate my soul's unrest, reveal the hidden Majesty.

Grant to me my Hope's bequest to live in peace eternally.

© 2007 Karen Beukema

Bit of Bo Peep ~ Fantasy #4

They call me Bo Peep, for I tend my sheep, and they do come following after.

I lead them along, while singing a song, enjoying the sound of their 'laughter'.

From lush pastures green, to cool streams between, they follow in pleasant contentment.

And when they are shorn, their wool will be worn, providing me warm winter raiment.

© 2007 Karen Beukema

Autumn Fairy Queen ~ Fantasy #3

Oh, Autumn queen, we rise with thee to hail creation's Mystery.

The dying brilliance of a leaf, prepared to give its tree relief;

a time to rest, rejuvenate, as summer's warmth will soon vacate.

We'll watch this 'fire' with quiet peace, and wait for next year's springtime lease.

© 2007 Karen Beukema

Blueberry Goddess ~ Fantasy #2

Berries blue and berries wild, sweetly tart, I am beguiled!

Pluck them high or pick them low, hear them laughing as they grow.

In a bowl or out of hand, taste the fairest in the land.

© 2007 Karen Beukema

Dragonfly Fairy ~ Fantasy #1

Dragons wild to freely fly, casting shadows from on high.

Magic in their beating wings, in my ears, such music rings.

There is nothing quite so fair, as my 'dragon' in his lair.

© 2007 Karen Beukema

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