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No available slots at this time

* you must be a member to receive scheduled slot notifications *

A purchase button will appear below this sentence when available.

One slot per person, please.

Doll head must be mailed within 7 calendar days of a slot purchase.

I need a valid tracking number by the end of day 7 or your purchase will be cancelled.

If there are any site crash issues during a slot sale, the Buy Now button will simply remain in place until it is sold out. This applies to either button type ... scheduled (advance email notice) or random (no notice).

I will offer random slots without any advance notice on this page whenever the mood strikes me. When that random button is sold out, I will remove it once I become aware of the purchase through PayPal.

Before purchasing a slot, PLEASE READ about my face-up process here: Face-up Commissions 

*Slot buttons have a purchase price of $.01 USD (non-refundable). This allows the BUY button to process smoothly through PayPal.

*Once a slot quantity is gone, it will no longer be available. You will be redirected back here from PayPal if it is sold out.

*I will contact you after a successful slot purchase to verify and ask about which doll you will be sending.

*Full payment will not be required with a PayPal invoice until AFTER I have completed the new face-up.

*TN buyers will be charged an additional 9.25% sales tax for face-up services.

*Shipping costs (to and from me) are not included with face-up prices.      

Many thanks for your time and interest!

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