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Bliss ~ Bride #6

The sun-kissed moon's glow on a starry night, ablaze with the passion of orbital flight,

the lapping of waves on a pristine beach, delighting the senses with lulling speech;

a kiss like a butterfly delicately perched on petals of flowers so soft, unbesmirched.

The tickle of breeze on a warm sunny day, the earth's pungent smell of the field as we lay ...

Sweet memories, my darling, such things we have shared, the love we now pledge as our hearts' are laid bared;

and if we shall wish for a rich lifelong dream, may bliss fill our days like a flowing stream.

© 2010 Karen Beukema

Simply ~ Bride #5

Love given, love gained ... simply.

Trust bestowed, trust begot ... simply.

Devotion pledged, devotion prized ... simply.

Forbearance, forgiveness, faithfulness ... simply.

Benevolence, blessing, benediction ... simply.

Beloved he, beloved she ... together ... simply.

© 2009 Karen Beukema

Something Blue ~ Bride #4

Something borrowed, something blue, when I pledge my troth to you.

Nothing fancy or profound, nor a reason to expound;

simply saying "I love you", then a kiss for all to view.

© 2009 Karen Beukema

Purity ~ Bride #3

Of love and life, as pondering, one wanders thru a maze of thought . . .

A risk, love is, to give oneself, when oft does seem to be for naught.

Yet there must be no greater gift, this purity of heart and soul,

as winter blossoms into spring, and mind + heart become a whole.

© 2008 Karen Beukema

Promise ~ Bride #2

Of earth and sky and wind and sea I inhale deeply next to thee.

As vows for love we share this day my life begins a new pathway.

I lay aside sole thoughts of me and give my heart in pledge to thee.

None other shall there be to steal my love, affection, trust, or zeal.

© 2008 Karen Beukema

Fairy Bride ~ Bride #1

Betrothed, you have enchanted me with powers of love and sanctity.

Within your spell my heart has found desire to be forever bound.

A magic tale of fairy lore, with vast horizons to explore.

© 2007 Karen Beukema

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