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Caribbean ~ Just For Fun #33

A fortnight to sail on the crystal blue sea, a fortnight to socialize or wander free.

To shop festive islands, to dine like a queen, to sun on the deck or a white beach pristine;

I know this vacation will be a true blast, depressing me only by passing too fast.

So while I'm away keep my kitty cat fed, but please be sure not to leave crumbs in my bed!

© 2010 Karen Beukema

Dreaming ~ Just For Fun #32

Dreaming of butterflies chasing the sun, dreaming of green when the streams start to run;

dreaming of clouds floating high in the sky, birds weaving happily, soaring on high.

Dreaming of warmth with the onset of Spring, dreaming of flowers that make my heart sing;

dreaming of 'life' when the cold is no more, dreaming, I sigh, while ole Winter still roars.

© 2010 Karen Beukema

Valentine ~ Just For Fun #31

Won't you be my Valentine, DEAR Rufus, for a day?

It won't be serious ~just for fun~ or like a game we'll play.

I can't 'commit', as you well know, but we are always friends;

so just today, and just for play, let's pen LOVE notes to send!

© 2010 Karen Beukema

Snow Baby ~ Just For Fun #30

The snow is falling, cold and wet, to lay it's burden like a net.

The evergreens are bowing low, incumbent 'neath the heavy load.

I grab some fur, a velvet muff, my hands immured in silky fluff;

I shiver, still I laugh with glee, for I am such a snow baby!

© 2009 Karen Beukema

Pink Peppermint ~ Just For Fun #29

Peppermint pink and peppermint red, visions of sugar plums in my head.

Sugar and spice and everything nice ~ making my list and checking it twice.

Wonder if Santa up in the "Pole" knows I've been good, a hopeful young soul . . .

Wishing for love ~for dreams to come true ~ wishing for happiness all the year through.

© 2009 Karen Beukema

Plaid Magic ~ Just For Fun #28

Black of the night, Prussian blue with a sheen, Tyrian purple and ruffles of green;

silver so precious and crystals so clear, all mixed together for holiday cheer.

Prancing about in plaid magic today, I'm ready for fun, come what may, time to play.

I'm young for a time, only once, I've been told, so let me enjoy what this day may unfold!

© 2009 Karen Beukema

Charms ~ Just For Fun #27

Sweet or Sassy is my name; sitting pretty is my game!

Flirty, charming, coy or shy? Hmmm.... let's watch the boys go by.

When I find the one I want, I will choose which charm to flaunt;

if it works, he'll come to me, just like nectar lures a bee!

© 2009 Karen Beukema

Cocoa Sin ~ Just For Fun #26

Cocoa hot and cocoa cold; cocoa batters to infold.

Coffee, latte, mocha pie, liquored treats to tempt the eye.

Froths of milk and swirls of cream, bits of chocolate, Toffee Dream;

Ahhh, a world of cocoa sin lures me close and pulls me in!

© 2009 Karen Beukema

(Designer Blend ~ Jacket adapted from MHD-Designs "Veston Charmant"

Caramel Baroque ~ Just For Fun #25

Caramel apples tartly sweet, scurrying leaves around my feet,

scent of a bonfire, cooler breeze, debris from a copse that make me sneeze.

Indian summer, blazing trails, pitchers of cider, brewing ales;

just for a time I feel content in the crisp air as Fall is spent.

© 2009 Karen Beukema

Black Onyx ~ Just for Fun #24

Against a palette black and white, my raven tresses match the night.

The onyx black of midnight skies illuminate the fireflies.

With eyes like brilliant peridot, my lids of plum and skin aglow,

I scan the sky for shooting stars or signs of love or distant Mars.

For somewhere out there, could there be, a special someone just for me?

Thus, I shall wear my very best, should such a suitor end my quest.

© 2009 Karen Beukema

(2 color versions)

Freedom ~ Just for Fun #23

With Cherry Pie served a la mode on pretty plates of china Spode,

or Cherries Jubilee served cold (a patriotic dish, I'm told),

I'll celebrate my history and give God thanks for liberty.

With Flag Day in the month of June and July 4th to follow soon,

I'll wave my Freedom colors bold ~ red, white, and blue (and sometimes gold) ~

parades and picnics, fireworks grand, will be such fun across the land!

© 2009 Karen Beukema

Come, Spring! ~ Just for Fun #22

So weary!! I'm so tired of cold! When will this frigid vigil end?

The bitterness of budding bloom now covered by another 'coat';

more hounding snow, a silent stealth, though pretty, an unwelcome friend!

'Tis time for color, sun 'n fun, for gardening, and boats afloat;

for dreaming, wand'ring, skies of blue, for eyes to feast on trees so green.

I've borne this tedious wait thru months of barrenness and dreary skies.

I'm ready NOW, "Come, Spring!" I say, no time to dawdle...linger...preen.

Ole Winter's weathered long enough ~ high time to make your grande reprise!

© 2009 Karen Beukema

Hyacinth Frou-Frou ~ Just for Fun #21

Hyacinths in many shades of purple, pink or blue so grand;

multitudes of ruffled flowers in the sunlight proudly stand.

Springtime frou-frou in the garden like a frilly promenade ~

so delightful to the senses, other flowers giving nod.

In such finery of springtime do I love to prance about!

Such a perfect foil for boredom from the winter's color draught.

© 2009 Karen Beukema

Sherbet Frou-Frou ~ Just for Fun #20

Sherbets of orange or raspberry, or maybe even strawberry,

delight my taste for all things sweet, a cool confectionary treat.

With frou-frou frills of food or dress, I love being pampered I confess.

Such frothy blends of fantasy have always been such fun for me!

© 2009 Karen Beukema

(Designer Blend ~ Skirt adapted from Adams-Harris pattern "Double Trouble")

Shabby Chic ~ Just For Fun #19

Shabby chic, I may well be, for lots of things appeal to me.

Some vintage lace, embroidery, in colors soft and cottony.

No haute couture, no brand new fare, just olden linens I can wear.

I have such fun in clothes like these, soft 'whispers' of a gentle breeze.

© 2009 Karen Beukema

In Retro-spect ~ Just for Fun #18

Our days of youth may quickly pass as goals, careers, and 'things' amass.

In such a rush to be grownup life seems to be one long ~hiccup~ . . .

In fashion, too, a pretense looms that haute couture must fill our rooms.

From simple fare, a simple smile, a mem'ry of a youthful style.

© 2008 Karen Beukema

Vintage Mod ~ Just For Fun #17

Vintage mod and bits of time comprise my wardrobe so sublime.

I love to mix and match my styles with things that make me want to smile.

When life seems dull or out of hand, my closet is my "Wonderland".

Some funky jewels, a bit of lace, and I'm all set to match my pace!

© 2008 Karen Beukema

Periwinkle Wine ~ Just For Fun #16

Periwinkle wine and purples so divine . . .

Colors that define a magical design.

Paintbrush in the hand of artists o'er the land,

know the pow'r firsthand of vivid color grand.

Not content to bore myself with bland decor,

purple I'll adore until 'forevermore'.

© 2008 Karen Beukema

Dark Addiction ~ Just for Fun #15

When life gets hard and men turn cold, I reach for something good as gold ~

Upon my tongue, elixir smooth, with pow'r to lift a mood and soothe ~

A dark addiction, flavored mild, so decadent, yet undefiled ~

RICH Choc'late in my veins, a drug, a woman's way to feel a 'hug'!

© 2008 Karen Beukema

 Pink Sugar ~ Just for Fun #14

Sugar - sugar, wild as honey, find a beau who has some money.

Sugared pink in pearls and laces, girlish fluff for pretty faces.

Sugared lips so sweetly polished, as a dished dessert is garnished.

Though I'm not a Sugar Baby, I do like things good and plenty.

© 2008 Karen Beukema

Summer Breeze ~ Just for Fun #13

A walk by the sea on a warm breezy day is perfect for chasing the doldrums away.

My friends are out shopping or surfing the net, while I hunt for shells near my fav'rite inlet.

I'll kick off my shoes, getting sand 'tween my toes, the lapping waves soothing all worry or woes.

A treasure or two I may find for my bag, creating behind me a path of zigzag.

The sound of the surf and the gulls as they cry, might lure me to lie in the sand, watch the sky....

And if I am watchful while scanning the bay, perhaps a blue dolphin will pass by my way!

© 2008 Karen Beukema

Feeling Blue ~ Just for Fun #12

Blue as the sky on a clear sunny day, blue as Forget-Me-Nots near the walkway, blue as a boat sailing swift in the bay,

I ... feel ... blue.

Blue as some blueberry pie à la mode, blue as a platter of fine china Spode, blue as hydrangeas, Old World dyer's woad ,

I ... feel ... blue.

Blue as a butterfly light on the wing, blue as a songbird enamored to sing, blue as a sapphire encased on a ring,

I ... LOVE ... BLUE!

© 2008 Karen Beukema

Lady Lavender ~ Just for Fun #11

Lavender, lilac, and hyacinth blue; orchids with mottled dots blooming anew.

Color me purple, this warm sunny day; I shall be seen as a lady soignè.

Luncheon at noon and an afternoon stroll, catching the fancy of men who extol.

Meeting with friends for an afternoon spree ~ fav'rite boutiques and a leisurely tea.

How I love Paris in springtime each year, lively with tourists and good-natured cheer.

Wearing bright fashions to temper the dearth left by drab winter ~ a color rebirth!

© 2008 Karen Beukema

Country Morning ~ Just for Fun #10

Country lanes replete with splendor, spring bouquets of bloom en masse.

Fields of green on misty mornings, waving warmly as I pass.

Fruit trees spilling o'er with blossoms, hiding nests of songbirds fair.

Rabbits seeking fresh new clover, ponds with lively frog fanfare.

Fragrant earth beneath my footsteps as the sun doth kiss my skin ~

There is not a morning sweeter than this one I linger in!

© 2008 Karen Beukema

Tutti Frutti ~ Just for Fun #9

Tutti Frutti flavored ice cream, jelly beans and candy sticks.

Colors of a double rainbow, summer drinks and Kool-Aid mix.

Watermelon, kiwi, apple, berries, grape, papaya, pear;

ripe banana, mango, lemon, pineapple, a kumquat rare.

Just can't get enough of color, round about me every day;

tasty treats and vibrant clothing keep the doldrums far away.

© 2008 Karen Beukema

Sweetheart ~ Just for Fun #8

(May be sung to the tune of "Let me call you Sweetheart...")

Won't you be my Sweetheart? I'm in love with you....

Let me hold your hand and I won't feel so blue.

Please be mine and kiss me, be my one true love.

Baby, you're my awesome angel from above!

© 2008 Karen Beukema

Cotton Candy ~ Just for Fun #7

Cotton candy, spun so finely like a tuft of angel hair.

Swirls of berry flavored yogurt, paper hearts I've penned with care.

Roses soft, a sunset palette, silky ribbons for my hair.

Lipstick, rouge, my fingernails, thinking PINK is just my flair!

© 2008 Karen Beukema

January Blues ~ Just for Fun #6

January magic, falling with the snow. Crystal prisms drifting, as the north winds blow.

Snowmen smiling bleakly with their eyes of coal, waiting for the children, mounds of snow to roll.

Skating on the ice pond, twirling fearlessly. Landing on my backside, laughing gleefully.

Sledding down the hillside, faster by the yard, catching gulps of snow spray, as the sled is jarred.

Who has time for sorrow, ennui, or 'blues', outside in my ski boots, ice skates or snowshoes!

© 2008 Karen Beukema

Sugar Plum ~ Just for Fun #5

Sugar plum fantasies, snowy winter hills.

Glittering, glowing lights, streets with special frills.

Firelight, candlelight, magic in the night.

New Year's Eve fireworks, bursts of brilliant light.

Icicles in the sun, dripping endlessly.

Crystal gems, diadems, sparkling wine, Chablis.

Crunchy steps as I walk, angels in the snow.

All these things, Christmas brings, with its afterglow.

© 2008 Karen Beukema

Autumn Apples ~ Just for Fun #4

Eaten raw, caramelized, baked or juiced or pureed.

In a pie, strudel sweet, cider, sauce or candied.

Granny Smith, McIntosh, Cortland, Gala, Fuji.

Jonathon, Northern Spy, Braeburn, Empire, Bramley.

Cultivars ~ pick your faves ~ many types to choose from.

Apple trees, ripe to pick; everyone must try some!

© 2007 Karen Beukema

Citrus Cocktail ~ Just for Fun #3

Lemons, limes, and tangerines, grapefruits, oranges, clementines ~

Packed with 'C', both juice and flesh, energizing me afresh.

Tangy, sweet, and served on ice, with a lime or lemon slice ~

Citrus 'cocktails' through the day, keep those colds and flu at bay!

© 2007 Karen Beukema

Lavender Fields ~ Just for Fun #2

"Lavender's blue, dilly dilly, Rosemary's green..."

poets have sung, generations finding it keen.

But as for me, I am simply fond of this herb,

yielding its fields, full of glory, fragrance superb.

Pillows, sachets, oil essential smoothed on my skin,

calming my nerves, satisfying feelings within.

© 2007 Karen Beukema

Ice Cream Delight ~ Just for Fun #1

I scream "Ice cream!", whipped with real cream.

Berries, cherries, nuts, my sweet dream.

Chocolate, minty, rocky, praline, or vanilla from the real bean.

Calcium and boost of cysteine, daily quota of my protein!

© 2007 Karen Beukema

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