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Blue Velvet ~ Romance #4

I always feel so special when I'm wearing velvet blue,

reminding me of midnight when the stars are twinkling true.

The velvet sky of winter nights, the moon glow on some snow,

remind me of a fairy tale, a magic picture show.

I love the wonder that I feel in velvet silk, so soft;

it's comfort, warmth, and wealth of color make me wear it oft.

And when I do, quite lovingly, I'll think of Mother dear,

who loves to give me gifts of blue in winter every year.

© November 2009

(Designer Blend ~ Adapted from MHD Designs "Petit Plis") 

Valentine ~ Romance #3

Girlish dreams and valentines, pretty tops with heart necklines,

messages of candy 'love', or a boy I'm dreaming of....

Will I get a special note, tucked away beneath my coat,

will I be that special one, singled out by Cupid's fun?

© January 2009

Ivory Tower ~ Romance #2

From my ivory tower far as I can see

fields of snow lay silent, beckoning to me.

'Neath my cloak of velvet, trudging in the cold,

trails of crusted footsteps leave their hollow mold.

In this hush of winter, scurries by ... a mouse ~

seeking food and shelter from a nearby house.

Wonder of the forest, branches laden, white,

I must fix a mem'ry of this magic sight.

Turning round, my tower, beacon on the hill,

calls me back to refuge from the lonely still.

© January 2009

 Fall Banquet ~ Romance #1

Soft velvet gown, just as pretty as pie, I dress myself quick as Fall Banquet draws nigh.

Brown as the earth with some touches of green, I study the mirror and carefully preen.

Maybe the boys will take note as I pass, and furtively glance at this rich dainty lass.

Giggling with glee at the thought of such fun, I grab my new shawl, time to hurry and run!

© November 2008

Reversible Romance Gown Set 1

November 2008

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