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Tuscan Rose ~ Romance #28

Oh, the sights of Italy, the romance in the air,

the shopping in the marketplace, the endless gourmet fare!

The vineyard tours are wonderful, with wine to sample free ~

I love all kinds, from Port to Red to Blush to Pink Chablis!

The flowers bloom incessantly, such fragrance fills my nose,?

the singers in the festivals make love with wondrous prose.

The heady admiration of the unencumbered men

undoubtedly will make me want to take this trip again!

© 2010 Karen Beukema

Eggnog ~ Romance #27

This frigid night air sends a chill up my spine; we ride, with the warmth of your hand over mine.

Electric, the cool of your lips on my face, the sleigh bells in harmony with my heart's pace.

Inside, when by firelight, with Eggnog Supreme, as warmth creeps back slowly like some obscure dream,

I hope to be savored with kisses so sweet, and bask in caresses while nibbling sweetmeat.

© 2009 Karen Beukema

Red Flame ~ Romance #26

In my heart there burns a flame intense with thoughts of you,

like a Christmas flower's flaming bright red brilliant hue.

Do you share my sentiments, consuming you by day?

Or in the night upon your pillow as you try to lay?

Tell me, love, your candle flame ... might it be shared with me?

What wonder we could share tonight beside the scented tree!

© 2009 Karen Beukema

Sorrowful ~ Romance #25

Sorrowful days when the sun starts to wane; sorrowful tears as my heart feels more pain.

Sorrowful skies when the clouds bring more rain; sorrowful sighs as I wait for love's swain.

Sorrowful food when good things are disdained; sorrowful mood and my want of Vervain.

Sorrowful brooding, a curse and my bane; sorrow imbued like a draught of tisane...

© 2009 Karen Beukema

Symphony ~ Romance #24

What will there be for you and me ... a love of brash cacophony?

A parting of the sea so grand, or dreams that vanish in the sand?

A bloom so fair of tender birth, or bitter secrets to unearth?

With all my heart I hope to find a kindred spirit of the mind;

a timeless love borne blissfully within a score of symphony.

© 2009 Karen Beukema

Blush ~ Romance #23

A hint of blush and pink sublime, a dainty dress, a fond pastime ~

an afternoon just spent with you, a tete-a-tete, or time for two.

A kiss, a touch, a whisper near, no other eyes to peer.

I love to dream with you nearby, contented even when I sigh.

© 2009 Karen Beukema

(Designer Blend ~ Gown & shawl adapted from Adams-Harris "New Romantic") 

Summer Nights ~ Romance #22

Summer's at its height of pleasure; evenings warm enough to stroll

through the gardens, by the boathouse, past the lighthouse evening toll.

I shall saunter slowly, gently, as the wafting breezes cool;

waiting for my suitor's visit, seated by the moonlit pool.

Will he kiss me, whisper softly, touch the tendrils of my hair?

How I hope to hear him tell me how he loves me, loves me fair ...

© 2009 Karen Beukema

Velvet & Roses ~ Romance #21

Chilled as the night air unfolds 'round about, by firelight and roses our warmth will be sure.

Some vintage red wine, perhaps, table for two, a holiday meal in a hotel grandeur.

And later, as whispering, you tousle my hair, my heart will be warmed by your tenderest smile.

For never, my love, will such gestures be small; but memories of constancy proven worthwhile.

© 2008 Karen Beukema

Peppermint Wine ~ Romance #20

Come 'round about the tree tonight and help me string this garland bright.

With peppermint, some schnapps or wine, we'll contemplate our tree design.

A crackling fire, some pillows soft, an empty glass, a beverage quaffed.

And, then, the nicest part of all, we'll gaze as snowflakes start to fall.

© 2008 Karen Beukema

Blue Skies ~ Romance #19

Blue skies of summer, fall, winter, or spring ~ pleasures of memory that thoughts of you bring.

Light as a whisper of wind in my ear ~ stirring my heart as those thoughts bring you near.

When shall I see you again, my dear Love? Watching, I sigh, as the birds fly above.

Hope of eternity, freedom of flight, blue of the sky ~ calming rays of sunlight.

© 2008 Karen Beukema

Moonlight Sonata ~ Romance #18

Lilting softly in the heavens on this starlit night

is the stirring of my heartbeat felt with cadence bright.

Twinkling 'diamonds' lend their brilliance to my thoughts of you;

transformation, rhythmic glitter, glimpse of love's ado.

Soon together ~ as it should be; absence pains the heart!

Symphony of mingled passions is our truest art . . .

© 2008 Karen Beukema

Blueberry Parfait ~ Romance #17

As froths of whipped cream nestled high o'er some berries, I want to be nestled within your strong arms.

As fluttering sails sweep their ships o'er the ocean, I want to be swept off my feet with your charms.

As summer winds bask in the hot sun's caresses, I want to be warmed by the heat of your flame.

As blueberries sweet freshly plucked from their bushes, I want to be kissed with your tenderest claim.

© 2008 Karen Beukema

Crimson Affair ~ Romance #16

Crimson and candlelight dreams on a starry night ~ heartbeats like dynamite ~ I ..... am ..... yours

Crimson as roses fair love is the dream we share ~ eternal love affair ~ You.... are.... mine

Crimson as hearts that bleed, we shall forever heed troths to each other's need ~ Forever.... bound

© 2008 Karen Beukema

Sweet Apricot ~ Romance #15

Sweet as an apricot in my new gown, who will be privileged to take me to town?

Tempting, alluring, adorned with great charm, who shall escort me and give me their arm?

Scented with spice and exotic intrigue, is there a beau that could match me in league?

Fate shall appoint me, alone or a pair, to bask in the glory of feminine flair.

© 2008 Karen Beukema

Prairie Moon ~ Romance #14

The moonlight shines fair on his gelding's black mane;

the drumming of hoofbeats, alone on the plain.

The cool night air nips at my nose and my face;

I lean back, secure, in his warm, soft embrace.

His hands, large and strong, grasp the reins, pull me tight;

I feel his moist breath and its power to excite.

Ah, safe, in this cradle of muscle and flesh,

where two seem as one, beating hearts that enmesh.

© 2008 Karen Beukema

Irish Spring ~ Romance #13

An Irish spring is full of cheer ~ the air borne fresh as streams run clear.

My velvet kirtle 'round my waist with shimm'ring silk and bodice laced.

Fresh flow'rs entwined within my curls and round my neck a string of pearls.

A shamrock brooch to close my shawl against brisk gales that come to call.

Aye, come now, Love, we'll stroll the lane; from kisses I shall not abstain!

'Tis thee I find most fair and strong as springtime sings its lovely song.

© 2008 Karen Beukema

Black Beauty ~ Romance #12

Black as night I dress this day for the evening Goth soiree.

Satin, velvet, ribbons, lace; curled cascades that frame my face.

Will he be there? Will he be more than rapt to stare at me?

Will my heart return his fate, finding him my perfect mate?

Treasured friend, though he be now, will we come to pledge a vow?

Heart, be still, for only time knows the answer to your rhyme.

© 2008 Karen Beukema

Medieval Meadows ~ Romance #11

How I do love thee, my meadows in springtime,

blooming profusely, with love in the air!

Gathering flowers, a peaceable pastime,

some for my boudoir and some for my hair.

Sunset will hasten my Love to my chamber,

filled with sweet scent and such delicate hues.

I shall delight him with kisses and favor;

thank you, sweet fields, for thy feminine ruse!

© 2008 Karen Beukema

Velvet Dream ~ Romance #10

Black is the night as the candles are lit; an eerie wind blows in the courtyard below.

Flickering shadows approach where I sit, entranced by the moon and its spellbinding glow.

Yearning, I hear fast approaching hoof beats, my hand at my breast where his locket doth hide.

Restless, dismounted, our gazing eyes meet; my fate in his hands to whate'er may betide.

Lovesick, tormented, these days that have passed, now come to an end ~ do I dream, is it real?

Soon, in his arms, may my pleasure be vast; encompassed, my comfort, his passion and zeal.

© 2008 Karen Beukema

Redemption ~ Romance #9

Life's disappointments come and go, a tear swept tide of ebb and flow.

To bare one's heart may bring great pain, yet sunlight always follows rain.

I dress myself this dreary day, redeemed in white's own color play.

A single Rose entwining me, restoring Hope and destiny.

© 2008 Karen Beukema

Alone in Gray ~ Romance #8

As skies turn gray when rain appears, and sadness brings the welling tears,

without you near, my heavy heart, feels gray without its counterpart.

I wait for you, with longing hope, and in the meantime learn to cope.

And when you shall return to me, 'blue skies' will set my sadness free.

© 2007 Karen Beukema

Midnight Muse ~ Romance #7

Black lace and velvet, a diamond or two; indigo flowers to captivate you.

Ruffles and ribbons adorning my arms, meant to embrace you with all of my charms.

Eagerly waiting to gaze in your eyes, dressed in the hues of love's deep midnight skies.

Is there a moment much truer than this ~ when lovers unite for an evening of bliss...

© 2007 Karen Beukema

Picnic in July ~ Romance #6

A picnic in July, while summer's at it's peak, is so much fun to plan, near ocean, lake or creek.

A cozy quilt to spread, amidst the grass so green, becomes our table top, and later napping scene.

With fruit and cheese and bread, a glass of wine to sip, we'll share our heart's content, or plan a future trip.

And if it's on the 4th, when fireworks burst in air, we'll cuddle close in awe, sweet nothings to declare.

© 2007 Karen Beukema

French Country ~ Romance #5

It's such a lovely day to take a walk! Let's stroll down to the market as we talk.

The air is fresh beneath the smiling sun; the world's alive with play and summer fun.

The local vendors wave as we pass by; the bakery is beckoning my eye.

What fun to spend the day this way with you, delighting in your gaze of eyes so blue.

© 2007 Karen Beukema

Crazy for Chocolate ~ Romance #4

Chocolate bonbons and eclairs, walnut brownies, almond torte,

rippled ice cream, turtle clumps, fudge dipped berries by the quart .

Bring me chocolate gifts, my love, steal my heart with pleasures sweet.

You and I shall share a Kiss, true affection, now replete!

© 2007 Karen Beukema

Romantic Rendezvous ~ Romance #3

Along the lamplit path I tread, oh, must I fear? What do I dread?

This heart of flesh within my breast, speeds far too quick to give me rest.

For there, in shadow, stands a man, who waits for me to give my hand.

These rendezvouses, this tender friend ~ Mysterious love! Cannot be kenned...

© 2007 Karen Beukema

Peach Perfection ~ Romance #2

Arbored roses in my garden, moonlit walks along the beach.

Fragrant oils and pungent spices, slurping nectar from a peach.

Quiet lulls in rain and thunder, holding hands with my dear beau.

Simple pleasures, how I'd miss them ~ Every day a new tableau!

© 2007 Karen Beukema

Pretty in Pink ~ Romance #1

Roses are red, yellow, pink, orange, and white; so fragrant and velvety ~ such a delight!

Plant me a garden with bushes so lush, my skirts shall be fragrant as through them I brush.

Pluck a soft petal to lay in my palm, a soft tender kiss and my heart shall be calm.

© 2007 Karen Beukema

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