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Briskly ~ Fantasy #2

Briskly thru the wood today, I must walk and not delay.

Mother sent me well endowed (as her pantry has allowed)

on a trip to Grandma's farm, bearing treats beneath my arm.

"Deter neither left or right; must get home before 'tis night!";

words of wisdom spake to me, meant to keep me safe and free.

Thus I briskly heed her word, thankful for the counsel heard.

© October 2009

Lovely Angel ~ Fantasy #1

"Hallelujah! Hallelujah!" angels all around me sing.

In the heavens, highest glory given to the newborn King!

Shining brightly, twinkling starlight, blinking prayers of hope and peace.

May my song be ever joyful and my praises never cease.

© December 2008

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