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This page exhibits any special edition work that isn't easily classified in with my other gallery categories.

~ Charity Auctions ~

Silk Velvet "Juliet" Ensemble

Tsunami Flood Relief for Asia ~ September 2008

Part of a multi-artist collaborative auction sponsored by Laurie Lenz ~ Created for Ellowyne Wilde

(These are the only 2 photos I took for a COA, since the outfit was modeled by another repainted doll for the actual charity auction.)

~ Contest Entries ~

 Contest: Ashton Drake's 2010 "Spring Has Sprung" for 16" Delilah Noir

(Did not place an award, but was fun to make in celebration of Spring)

Spring Fling

From the cold Winter depths 'neath a blanket of snow, vast slumbering seeds, bulbs, and buds start to grow

at the first hint of warmth as the sun starts to climb in the sky each day, higher, staying longer each time.

All creatures, now stirring, to see such blue skies, rub the long winter sleep from their color-starved eyes;

with birdsong and whispering breeze all around, I gingerly tread o'er the wakening ground

filled with wildflowers, brilliant, the trees laden pink, or purple or white, countless blooms as I blink.

With bated breath, wonder, the sun on my hair, I sigh, near to tears, from the long winter bare;

such Promise, such Energy, Life springing forth, and for a duration no cold from the North!

© 2010 Karen Beukema

Contest: Ashton Drake's "Naughty or Nice" for 16" Delilah Noir

(Holiday theme for Christmas 2009)

Awarded 2nd place, best in the "Nice" category

(collaboration with my daughter Wendy who repainted the doll)

Pink Frost

In pristine white with feathered hair, a 'Swan' I am with graceful flair.

A New Year's Ball, Tchaikovsky's strain, a ballet dream, romantic vein;

I may not dance as light as air, nor twirl, entranced, without a care;

but I can show the best in me, of innocence, borne gracefully.

© 2009 Karen Beukema

~ Miscellaneous ~

(My first combined collaboration with my daughter Wendy, who knit the hat, stole, and muff, and repainted the doll face.)

Blue Ice

Blue ice and bubblegum, unicorn tales.

Bright silver jingle bells, pink fingernails.

Lace stockings, go-go boots, blue ribbons fair.

Cold winter rosy cheeks, snow in the air.

Pert little princesses, dreams that come true.

Winter time fantasies, teenage milieu.

© 2008 Karen Beukema

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