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8" Riley / Zsu Zse

Head Wreath Sets

Fall ~ 2010

Spring Blue & Spring Lilac ~ Fantasy #4

"Hello, month of April", an ode to Spring I sing! Waltzing through the meadow, my skirts about me swing.

In my golden bucket I carry treasures found ~ flowers for my mother, a birdie's nest aground.

With my favorite cousin (for we are both highborn), we gallop 'round in magic upon our Unicorn.

Green new growth of April, with blossoms in the air, make me sigh with wonder at nature's art so fair!

© May 2009

Littlest Angel ~ Fantasy #3

(In partial cadence to "I'm a Little Teapot"...)

I'm the littlest angel, short and stout, twinkling my stars and shining round about.

Doing my best to sing my "Glory be!", with other angels gathered close to me.

'Tis a special moment now, I know; I won't forget as bigger I must grow.

Next year when my wings are longer still, I will sing, yet brighter, of goodwill.

© December 2008

 Little Dreams ~ Fantasy #2

Little dreams in little children from imagination soar;

hopes of good and far-off kingdoms fill the mind from tales of lore.

'Tis a bounty straight from heaven to delight in fantasies,

for it stirs our hearts with wonder, promise, hope, and grand glories.

© September 2008

September Fairy ~ Fantasy #1

Butterfly, butterfly, where shall we roam? Over the orchards, or closer to home?

High o'er the apple trees, down to the pond, twisting in somersaults, here and beyond.

Skies of September, a rapture in blue, fill me with laughter and grandeur anew!

© September 2007

11" Bitty Bethany

Little Angel ~ Fantasy #1

(In partial cadence to "I'm a Little Teapot"...)

I'm a little angel, dressed in white, singing with praise on this, a special night.

In my finest wings and snowy gown, I will be sure to chase away a frown.

With the other angels by my side, I will be glad as joy and peace abide.

Whether big or small, it matters not; all may rejoice, as freely we were taught.

© December 2008

16" Seasons

(2 color versions) 

 Freedom ~ Girls Club #8

With Cherry Pie served a la mode on pretty plates of china Spode,

or Cherries Jubilee served cold (a patriotic dish, I'm told),

I'll celebrate my history and give God thanks for liberty.

With Flag Day in the month of June and July 4th to follow soon,

I'll wave my Freedom colors bold ~ red, white, and blue (and sometimes gold) ~

parades and picnics, fireworks grand, will be such fun across the land!

© June 2009

(2 color versions) 

 Yum-Yum ~ Girls Club #7

Icees, Slurpees, sherbet cold (as served in cups or parfait mold)

become my favorite "yum-yum" treat to beat the noonday summer heat.

Lemon-lime, or kiwi tart, or grape-raspberry's frozen art,

become my flavors of the day and shade my tongue with color play.

Alone or with a special friend, I sip mine slowly 'till the end;

then smack my lips, part numb with cold, now feeling just as good as gold!

© June 2009

(2 color versions) 

Cherry Cordial ~ Girls Club #6

Summer means a host of things to do and taste for fun;

events and picnics, swimming, or some basking in the sun.

Ice cream cones, some berries picked, or watermelon sweet;

but CHERRIES, OH!, the best of all ~my fav'rite summer treat!

© May 2009

Summer Love ~ Girls Club #5

August heat and lazy days are great for girls to dream.

Dressed in cottons cool and light, enjoying some ice cream.

With a sun hat, so demure, and shadowed from the sun ~

Such a playful smile we see, both feminine and fun.

© August 2008

Chocolate Cherry ~ Girls Club #4

Choc'late cherry ~ boysenberry with vanilla ~ 1 - 2 - 3 . . .

Almond ice cream ~ like a whipped dream drowned in fudge sauce ~ 4 - 5 - 6 . . .

Cakes or brownies ~ bars or candies ~ chip-y cookies ~ 7 - 8 - 9 . . .

Choc'late REALLY ~ makes me happy ~ now I've jumped my silly rhyme!

© June 2008

Bonnie Blue ~ Girls Club Costume #3

Bonnie blue and bonnie be the lass whose charm hath captured me!

In fields abloom near running springs she gaily skips and sweetly sings.

I watch her rambling on and on... her movements like a sprightly fawn.

"Aye, little love, you've stole my heart, 'tis Dadai's weakness that thou art!"

© June 2008

Bear-ry Charming ~ Girls Club #2

Once upon a time, now lives a little girl.

Quiet and demure, but precious as a pearl.

How she loves to read the nurs'ry tales of old,

spending time with bear, and doing what she is told.

Wonder fills her heart with each new passing day,

for her world is rich with fam'ly, friends, and play.

© May 2008

Grandma's Garden ~ Girls Club #1

Rabbits hopping through the garden, birds in concert, up since dawn.

Toads and frogs in hunt for insects, bees-a-buzzing o'er the lawn.

With my pail and floppy sunhat, I have much to do today ~

Spending time in Grandma's garden hunting treasures while I play.

© May 2008

Winter Plum Fairy ~ Fantasy #2

November 2006

Sugar Plum Fairy ~ Fantasy #1

November 2006

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