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~ Accoutrements ~

Romantic & Bath

(5 sets of each)

February 2010 

~ Christmas Trees ~

(Handcrafted from raw materials ~ tree itself, garlands, candy canes, angel, tree skirt, gift boxes, and outfits were made by me from scratch)

Confectionery ~ Tree #3

Cookies baking ~ gingerbread. Gumdrop frosting neatly spread.

Candy canes and bells that ring. Twinkling stars and things that 'bling'.

Stories by the firelight. Dreaming softly thru the night.

Waking to the crisp new snow. Sharing gifts to make hearts glow.

© 2007 Karen Beukema

Traditional ~ Tree #2

Pretty gold balls and candy canes. Garlands of gold and beaded chains.

Ribbons of red and angel top. Packages stacked (I love to shop!).

Snuggled with Moosey near the fire. List'ning to carols by a choir.

Christmas is come, another year, as I reflect in peace and cheer.

© 2007 Karen Beukema

Sugar Plum ~ Tree #1

Sugar plums dancing in my head, as I lay slumb'ring in my bed.

Dreaming of purple, lilac, plum, candies and snowflakes that may come.

Up in the morning, still predawn, peeking at gifts, a tired yawn.

Back to my bed, contented now, sleeping thru kitty's soft meow.

© 2007 Karen Beukema

~ Decorating the Tree ~

Sisters three spruce up the tree while laughing, giggling, happily... ~ 2007

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