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Snowflake ~ Just For Fun #4

Cold and ominous the sky! I wonder, is a snowstorm nigh?

I don't mind if there might be a MILLION snowflakes soon to see.

Watching thru my window pane, the drifting flakes, their lilting strain,

every crystal being unique, I sit, entranced, at such mystique!

© 2010 Karen Beukema

Spumoni ~ Just For Fun #3

Italian spumoni or eggnog supreme, with touches of sweet frilly froths of whipped cream;

a Christmas tradition for young and the old, delightfully flavored, exquisitely cold.

Enamored with pink and the white of the snow, I dress like a dish of spumoni, I know;

how fun to be young when the art of my eye, means more than the glances of some passerby!

© 2009 Karen Beukema

(Designer Blend ~ Pants adapted from Adams-Harris "Double Trouble")

Fair Bloom ~ Just For Fun #2

Beneath the sun how dost thou fare with blooming beauty, fresh and fair!

Thy face beneath a flowered brim, and figure soft in ruffled whim.

Where Spring hath sprung amid the dearth of winter past and barren earth,

thy footsteps leave a delicate print, amid thy skirts, a gleaming glint;

like daffodils upon the hill, as petals blooming frill by frill,

and breezes rustling in the grass, thy quiet beauty none surpass.

© 2009 Karen Beukema

(Designer Blend ~ Pants & blouse adapted from Adams-Harris "Double Trouble" & "Uptown Girl")

Shabby Chic ~ Just For Fun #1

Shabby chic, I may well be, for lots of things appeal to me.

Some vintage lace, embroidery, in colors soft and cottony.

No haute couture, no brand new fare, just olden linens I can wear.

I have such fun in clothes like these, soft 'whispers' of a gentle breeze.

© 2009 Karen Beukema

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