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All gallery items listed here are multiple sales of duplicate items, and may or may not be OOAK (one-of-a-kind).

Waiting for Hope ~ LE 24

Where are you, my Hope? You're a promise to be ...

A sister, adopted, companion to me.

I watch for you daily, and dream in the night,

that we'll be together, away from such fright.

The angels will guard us and rescue our souls

from treachery, evil, and perils untold.

Your ocean of tears and the pleas of your heart,

have finally been heard, we will ne'er be apart!

© 2012 Karen Beukema

Purple Elf

December 2010

Merry Gnome

December 2010


Down to the meadow a-traipsing we will go, down to the fields where we'll watch the sunset glow.

Bundles of wheat sheaves all standing in a row, like little teepees on prairies long ago.

It's such a favorite, this harvest time of year, watching the workers who plow and cut and shear.

See all the pumpkins, busheled apples, 'beer', now in the storehouse to bring us Winter cheer.

God is so gracious to bless our farmlands here, with ample bounties to share both far and near.

© 2010 Karen Beukema


Sprinkles of chocolate in cookies and cream; sprinkles of candy on icings supreme.

Sprinkles of fun on a clear sunny day; sprinkles of laughter to chase 'blues' away.

Sprinkles of love in our fam'lies so dear, keeping us close whether distant or near.

Sprinkles of sunshine to help light the way, giving us vision to dream more each day.

© 2010 Karen Beukema

 Picture Day

I'm dressed for special pictures on this so-called "special" day;

my new adopted sister's finally here (with plans to stay).

I don't know if I'm happy yet, I'm used to being alone;

but Mom has told me it's high time we opened up our home.

So..... Millie's here, she's kinda cute, but then most 'puppies' are;?

she's frisky, I can tell you that, but never wants to spar.

She clings to me like velcro and won't let me out of sight;

I wonder, will I make it through this first hug-stifling night?


© 2010 Karen Beukema

Summer Capris

August 2010

Summer Romper

August 2010

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