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Tulip Affection ~ Girls Club #19

The flower of youth in a burgeoning Spring; a virtuous Tulip ~ a beautiful thing!

From Turkey to Holland in centuries past, bright fields of enchantment, simplicity vast.

A symbol of Love with a rich noble claim, beloved o'er the world for their petals aflame.

This young tender lass works the fields now abloom, beneath the blue sky in a colorful 'room'.

© 2012 Karen Beukema

(2 color versions)

Country Fair ~ Girls Club #18

Cousins two, without ado, head for the country Fair;

one in blue, the other pink, with ringlets in their hair.

One likes crafts, the other food, can you tell who likes what?

A homespun print, a candy stripe, a clue of fabrics, but....

The giveaway is what they buy with pennies they have saved.

A fun-filled day, they saunter home, each holding what they craved.

© 2012 Karen Beukema

Not So Contrary ~ Girls Club #17

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden ...


"I'm not Mary, nor contrary; please, Mom, note my traits:

~ gentle ~ docile ~ patient ~ loyal ~ ever calm and sweet ~

waiting still to sit with you upon my garden seat.

Let's pick flowers, watch the birds, the sun upon our face,

and dream about some happy things while sitting in this place!"

© 2012 Karen Beukema

(2 color versions)

Country Flower ~ Girls Club #16

Walking down a country lane, sweet but shy and none too plain ~

wearing frocks of summertime, and flowered hats for late teatime

in Grandma's kitchen, apricots, and lemonade with sugar dots ~

the country fare of simple girls who love to wear their hair in curls.

© 2011 Karen Beukema

Cocoa Puff ~ Girls Club #15

Cocoa puffs for breakfast, and some chocolate milk at lunch.

Fresh baked brownie for a snack, with walnuts for some crunch.

Suppertime is "high and dry", though, chocolate treats are nil,

for Momma says I've had enough and doesn't want me ill.


© 2011 Karen Beukema

Wineberry ~ Girls Club #14

My Grandma has a garden wild that grows at random undefiled.

The edge of trees that line her field contain a hefty berry yield,

from berries black to berries red, you must be careful where you tread.

From summer 'till the first great frost, she picks them freely at no cost.

I love her sauces and preserves, especially the red conserves!

© 2010 Karen Beukema

Petulance ~ Girls Club #13

Why does she use such fancy words when she's displeased with me?

I'm still a growing kid, 'ya know, but hey, why would YOU care?

It's just that I don't think I'm such a temperamental bear...

I know I'm not as sweet as Mom must surely wish I were,

so maybe I should try to see myself if I were her.

I really love my mother (even when my feelings lie),

perhaps I ought to hug her more instead of heaving sighs...

© 2010 Karen Beukema

Bubblegum ~ Girls Club #12

Bubblegum, Bubblegum,

1 - 2 - 3

when you come chasing after me

under the rope, with a

4 - 5 - 6

try not to trip on the broken sticks!

Skip in and out with a

7 - 8 - 9

quick as you can while we count in rhyme.

If you can catch me

10 - 11 - 12

you will be Queen in the Land of Elves!

© 2010 Karen Beukema

Choco-Dot ~ Girls Club #11

Do you love chocolate like I do? And do you eat it s...l...o...w...l...y, too?

I let it float along my tongue (though sometimes I do bite and run),

but mostly I will take my time, and savor every bit divine.

My Momma eats her treats this way, and shares some with me every day!

© 2010 Karen Beukema

Pistachio ~ Girls Club #10

Eat some chocolate every day (plus carry some to give away)

Eat it plain or with ice cream (Pistachio or a Mint Chip green)

Leave it melting on your tongue (and just believe it keeps you young)

Mmmm, I'm happy now ~ are you? (if not, another bite will do)

© 2010 Karen Beukema

Pink Sugar ~ Girls Club #9

Waffle cones of sugar, sweet, and ice cream toppings as a treat,

which flavor should I buy this time with my allowance (plus a dime)?

I love all tasty berries pink, perhaps a frothy shake or drink?

Or maybe choc'late fudge today, or cool banana-lime parfait?

Such choices, oh, I must decide, for someone just behind me sighed ~

If you could help me know my mind, I'd surely thank you, Friend, most kind!

© 2010 Karen Beukema

Sunshine ~ Girls Club #8

My parents say it's much too hot, that Summer's been a drain,

with endless days of scorching sun and very little rain.

I hear them wishing every night for cooler air to come,

but I know Winter looms ahead with c-c-c..o..l..d that makes me numb.

I much prefer the sunshine 'hot', if that is what it takes,

to keep my Summer extra long to warm the northern lakes.

© 2010 Karen Beukema

Shortbread ~ Girls Club #7

Tea for two today at 4 ~ I knock politey on the door.

My Nana smiles and waves me in, with apron and a rolling pin,

and leads me to a table set with linen, lace, and fried Rosettes.

"The shortbread's almost done, my Dear"; she lets me sip some ginger beer,

and scurries 'round the kitchen warm, while singing, keeping perfect form.

She loves old-fashioned country charm and serving tea at her old farm.

With apron hung, and freshened face, she sits before me full of grace;

I love my Nana, rare and sweet, and find time spent with her a treat!

© 2010 Karen Beukema

School Blues ~ Girls Club #6

I have to get up early now to board the bus by 8 ~

I had no time for breakfast since I just slept in too late.

I've had a happy summer break to dream and play away,

but now the thoughts of school ahead are causing some dismay.

I guess I'm glad I'll make new friends as well as see the old,

but I just hope my teacher will be nice and never scold.

© 2010 Karen Beukema

Soft September ~ Girls Club #5

I love to sit and sun beneath a soft September sky,

the days are warm and lingering, but not like hot July.

The kids are back in school again, the garden still provides,

the nights are cooler, breezes shift, a hint of Fall betides.

This mellow month brings calm, reflective memories increase,

like oil paintings, softening hues upon the eyes bring peace.

I know it won't be long 'til cold begins to saunter in,

so I'll enjoy this pleasant time of seasons interim.

© 2010 Karen Beukema

Garden Helper ~ Girls Club #4

Mama's in the kitchen, Papa's in the yard

harvesting tomatoes ~ they're working very hard ~

thinking of spaghetti to last thru winter, bare,

preserving healthy sauces ~ they fill the jars with care.

I do my best to help them as aptly as I can

and carry fresh tomatoes to add into the pan.

We're thankful for this bounty that ripens on the vine

until the frost descends and fruiting plants resign.

© 2010 Karen Beukema

Beachcomber ~ Girls Club #3

Ripples of sunlight that dance on the waves,

drone of the rhythmic sea as it plays,

lapping the beach with it's tongues of white foam,

coughing up seashells where wanderers roam.

Lulled by the warmth of a calm sunny day,

I will build castles or in the sand play;

for school will start soon but for now I will be

meandering, beachcombing, happy and free!

© 2010 Karen Beukema

 Pink Cherry ~ Girls Club #2

Pink of flowers, berries, yogurt, pink of sunsets in the sky.

Red of roses, apples, candy, red of cherry cobbler, pie.

Choc'late cherries, choc'late cookies, choc'late nutty ice cream swirls.

All things dreamy, sweet confections ~ "spice of life" for growing girls!

© 2010 Karen Beukema

Blueberry Hill ~ Girls Club #1

I love the blue of the bright summer sky, blue of a bluebird that nests in the glade,

blue of a lake fed by streams from on high, blue of Forget-Me-Nots primly arrayed.

Blue of a bucket that carries my wares, blue of some ribbons, a gemstone, lace frills . . .

but bluest of all and my fav'rite fruit, fair, are blueberries RIPE up on Blueberry Hill!

© 2010 Karen Beukema

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