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(2 color versions) 

 Freedom ~ Girls Club #9

With Cherry Pie served a la mode on pretty plates of china Spode,

or Cherries Jubilee served cold (a patriotic dish, I'm told),

I'll celebrate my history and give God thanks for liberty.

With Flag Day in the month of June and July 4th to follow soon,

I'll wave my Freedom colors bold ~ red, white, and blue (and sometimes gold) ~

parades and picnics, fireworks grand, will be such fun across the land!

© June 2009 

(2 color versions) 

Yum-Yum ~ Girls Club #8

Icees, Slurpees, sherbet cold (as served in cups or parfait mold)

become my favorite "yum-yum" treat to beat the noonday summer heat.

Lemon-lime, or kiwi tart, or grape-raspberry's frozen art,

become my flavors of the day and shade my tongue with color play.

Alone or with a special friend, I sip mine slowly 'till the end;

then smack my lips, part numb with cold, now feeling just as good as gold!

© June 2009 

(Designer Blend ~ Bodysuit & skirt adapted from Adams-Harris "Girly-Girl")

 Chasing Butterflies ~ Girls Club #7

Busy bees and butterflies on this bright sunny day

are buzzing by and fluttering with me just in the way.

Oblivious to anything but flowers in their path,

I watch them as they pollinate, their feet a sticky bath.

Although I might seem lazy (since they work so hard all day),

my Momma tells me part of life is learning how to play.

And so I watch the flowers as I lay amid the grass

and spy upon the butterflies as whimsic'ly they pass.

© June 2009 

(Designer Blend ~ Bodysuit & skirt adapted from Adams-Harris "Girly-Girl") 

Blue Safari ~ Girls Club #6

On blue safari I shall be if you should come to look for me!

I'll be outside in grass so tall or in the bushes, large or small...

For footprints in the dirt I scout to find a hippo 'round about,

or monkeys hanging in the trees from branches swaying in the breeze.

My quest (imagine just for now... and if my mother will allow)

could lead me to a jungle true where animals are green or blue!

© June 2009

(2 color versions)

Minty Cool ~ Girls Club #5

School is almost out for summer; I can hardly wait!

The days are getting warmer and the sun is staying up late.

I can play outside all day or lie down in the shade;

and when I'm thirsty Mom will make me fresh-squeezed lemonade.

Grandma made a brand new sundress special just for me;

and when I wear it, I just know, so minty cool I'll be!

© April 2009 

Sunshine ~ Girls Club #4

Sunshine on my shoulders fair and breezes wafting thru my hair;

springtime days amid the fields a bounty fresh of pleasure yields!

Not a worry nor a care can rob my soul while I'm out there;

whether dreaming, napping long, amid the blooms I hear a song.

Not another time of year could match this promise of good cheer;

whether creature, plant, or man, all find respite, rebirth, new plans.

© April 2009 

Blue Cherry ~ Girls Club #3

Cherry ice and 'blue' September, summer lingers to remember

all my friends and special lovelies, fav'rite things and girlish fancies.

Lots of color bold and cheerful, caps and hats and bags by handful . . .

Pockets deep for treasures small, I'm such a little 'carryall' . . .

© September 2008

 Flower Girl ~ Girls Club #2

Pretty as a princess, walking down the aisle. Watching eyes upon me; shyly I must smile.

Casting out my petals from their silver cage, I must keep my footsteps carefully in gauge.

Soon the bride and bridesmaids, following behind, will walk the flowered path I've carefully designed.

© August 2008 

Bedtime Roses ~ Girls Club #1

In roses of cotton and linen quite fair, I settle in peace at this day's end of care.

All bathed and now scented with sweet scent of rose, I nestle, contented, against my pillows.

A kiss on the forehead from one who loves me, will leave me to slumber and dream peacefully. . .

© August 2008

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