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Hello, Friends!

You can now add any testimonials of my products or services to this page so that others can know your thoughts about my work.

Don't be bashful, just mention what you might really like about an outfit or face-up work (theme, colors, workmanship, fit, etc...).

Thanks so much for your support!

To eliminate SPAM, settings on this page are now reserved for site members only.

You will receive an EXTRAORDINARY product !!!!! Karen is a perfectionist, and a sweetheart, and an incredibly talented designer and painter. If that isn't enough, she's a poet, too ! Her outfits are made from gorgeous quality materials. Plus the fit and ease of putting the clothes on the doll is wonderful. As for her face ups, I am sooo delighted with her work. Karen's skills are on par (and even exceed) some VERY well known face up artists. The symmetry and delicate touch of her paint strokes is truly truly gorgeous. ~thank you, Karen, for loving dolly play~


Karen is an ANGEL...a very talented angel :)

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