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Gift Certificates are available for that special someone in your life who loves collecting dolls and clothing for them.

They may be purchased for any amount that you desire. Expiration date is two years after date of purchase, non-refundable except for cessation of my ability to produce doll clothing (at which time all holders of unused certificates will be notified by email regarding a refund). They may be used at any time for any purchase, including eBay auctions/Buy-It-Now sales, and website sales as available. They are non-transferable and may only be redeemed by the gift recipient (or purchaser in the even the recipient is unable to use it). I do not accept custom orders or special requests at this time, so redemption of the certificate must be applied to existing and/or future sales.

My email address:



PayPal ~ Please email me the following information:

~Your valid PayPal address (for your invoice)

~Recipient's name

~Recipient's mailing address

~Dollar amount

~Message attachments (optional)

I will send you a PayPal invoice within 24 hours of your request (except for unseen emergency). Any scheduled time off from my business will be posted on my Home page, so just be sure to check there before proceeding. Payment through PayPal must be received within 7 days of invoice date, or the gift certificate request will become null and void.

All certificates will be sent to the address provided within 3 days of payment, but I usually send out mail daily. Please allow a minimum of 7-10 days for the entire process to be completed and in the hand of your recipient.

Recipients will not need to send me the hard copy of their certificate for redemption, since I will have their information on file. They may use their certificate immediately for auction wins or other purchases.

Check/Money Order (funds drawn on U.S. banks only)~

I will accept either of these methods of payment, provided you allow enough time for payment clearance before the gift certificate needs to be delivered. Once I receive your payment, I require a two-week window for it to clear before mailing, but if the funds are available sooner, I will also mail out accordingly. Please allow a minimum of 2-3 weeks for the entire process to be completed and in the hand of your recipient.

Just send me an email with your intent to order, and I will send you my mailing address. Please be sure to include the above required information regarding the recipient with your payment, as well as an email confirmation of when payment is in the mail. I thrive on good communication, which always enables things to run much more smoothly!


Email Gift Certificates are also available if you desire speedier gift giving. These must be purchased with PayPal.

To order a 'virtual' gift certificate, please email me the following information:

~Your valid PayPal address (for your invoice)

~Recipient's name

~Recipient's email address

~Date you wish gift certificate to be delivered via email

~Message attachments (optional)

I will send the same formatted gift certificate picture below, filled in with the pertinent information and a signature seal that will only be seen by the recipient.     

f recipients lose their copy through some computer misfortune (believe me, I'm familiar with how that goes...), they can simply email me for another, or just remind me of their gift credit at the time of purchase.

You will receive a PayPal invoice within 24 hours of gift request. I require at least 48 hours to accomplish an online gift certificate transaction once payment has been made. Please allow a minimum of 3 days for a gift certificate purchase. PayPal payment is due within 7 days of invoice, the same as when you are purchasing a paper copy mentioned in the How To Order section above.

Just email me for any additional assistance.

Happy Gift Giving 

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