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 Chocolate Goddess ~ Fantasy #15

Magic Chocolate ~ melt away, the pressing cares of life today.

On the tongue, a soothing balm, seductive treasure, healing calm.

Exotic and mysterious power, purvey escape for this brief hour.

© February 2007


 Medieval Angel ~ Fantasy #14

Be thou my guardian, protect me I pray, from dangers that threaten my pathway today.

Bright vision from heaven, thou Godsend of mine, be vigilant, faithful, upon my heart shine.

I thank thee for watch care, for steadfastness true, as God's mighty servant with power imbued.

© December 2006


Winter Maiden ~ Fantasy #13

Come move upon the snow with me to mark the wonders here that be.

The mystery and quiet hush of slumbering trees and tousled brush.

All creatures still, we see them hide, as all await the Christmastide.

© December 2006 




Snow Fairy Queen ~ Fantasy #12

Oh, Faerie Queen, what dost thou see, but frozen crystals on a tree.

Use care to pluck them one by one, for brittle gems they have become.

Ah, now thy regal crown will glow amidst the freshly fallen snow.

© November 2006


Moon Goddess ~ Fantasy #11

October 2006



Butterfly Princess ~ Fantasy #10

October 2006



Autumn Fairy ~ Fantasy #9

October 2006



Fairy Bride ~ Fantasy #8

September 2006




 Butterfly Fairy Princess 2 ~ Fantasy #7

September 2006



Earth Goddess ~ Fantasy #6

August 2006




Butterfly Fairy Princess ~ Fantasy #5

August 2006



Elven Maiden ~ Fantasy #4

July 2006



Almond Fairy ~ Fantasy #3

July 2006



Woodland Maiden ~ Fantasy #2

June 2006



Angel Fairy ~ Fantasy #1

June 2006