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 Li'l Merry ~ Fantasy #3

I love rabbits, lambs, and tea time on a grassy hill

near some flowers, bees-a-buzzin', while I'm laying still.

Watching clouds go floating by, the sun upon my face,

skipping barefoot down a path imagining a race.

I'm happy as my name implies, for every brand new day

comes filled with laughter, simple joy, within my world of play.

© June 2010





Princess Petunia ~ Fantasy #2

I'm a little princess, happy as can be, playing in the flowers, waltzing 'neath a tree.

I have many subjects, loyal to the throne, yet my greatest blessing is friends to call my own.

Little birdie "Gracie", little froggie "Fred", ladybugs and insects whirring by my head;

I am tickled pink to see them hard at play, knowing full the value of a fun-filled day!

© June 2010





Dragonfly ~ Fantasy #1

Beautiful dragonfly, where shall we fly ~ down through the meadow or up to the sky?

Breezes are whispering, calling my name, hoping I'll join in some fun springtime games.

Wish I had wings to soar round o'er the earth ~ but you know, alas, I received none at birth . . .

Please fly me again some place high up above, just like you do often, my friend, by your love!

© May 2010


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    Karen is an ANGEL...a very talented angel :)