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* you must be a member to receive specific slot notifications *


A purchase button will appear above this sentence at the designated time.

If there are any site crash issues during a slot sale, the Buy Now button will simply remain in place until it is sold out.  
My apologies in advance if this creates confusion or inconvenience. 

Before purchasing a slot, PLEASE READ about my face-up process here:     Face-up Commissions 



*Slot buttons have a purchase price of  $.01 USD (non-refundable).  This allows the BUY button to process smoothly through PayPal.

*Once a slot quantity is gone, it will no longer be available.  You will be redirected back here from PayPal if it is sold out. 

*I will contact you after a successful slot purchase to verify and ask about which doll you will be sending.  

*Full payment will not be required with a PayPal invoice until AFTER I have completed the new face-up.

*TN buyers will be charged an additional 9.25% sales tax for face-up services.   

*Shipping costs (to and from me) are not included with face-up prices.      



Many thanks for your time and interest!